The Falling Stars


The Falling Stars, formerly known as The Tribe of Falling Stars was a tribe in the West, now a group of cats taking the structure of their ancestors, The Ancients. Its borders begin at the East edge of FlameClan territory, and usually has peace. After Crow "killed" his brother, Eagle, he took over as leader, brainwashed by Fallenstar to hate FlameClan, believe that they're evil, and trying to kill his faction. Thus, he changed the structure of the Tribe into the structure of The Ancients.

The setting for this role-play is near snow-covered mountains where the wind chills cat's fur and the grass is scarce. In the morning, the sun shines down on a rocky terrain where grass grows in rough clumps and snow and ice lie in pockets in the rocks. The backdrop for this is majestic, jagged mountains peaks. The sky is a bright blear blue with rolling white and grey clouds that dance across the skyline. Majestic hawks and eagles are the rulers of the sky here, and sometimes try and take cats from the land. However, these cats have learnt to use their environment to trick the giant birds into missing them.

As evening falls, the sky turns light grey and the snow dulls. A chill begins to set in and any kit outside will surely freeze to death. Ice creeps across the water and stills the rushing current. Some cats are lucky enough to catch the spectacular sunset, an array of reds, oranges, and golds.

Welcome to The Tribe of Falling Stars!



Fox that Runs in Darkness — Red-brown grizzled tom with platinum-gold eyes. RP'D By: Dark


Flame of Dying Sunset - Dark ginger tabby tom with amber eyes and white markings. RP'D by: Kas

Willow That Whispers At Night - Dark tabby she-cat. RP'D by: Kas

Jay that Flies with Eagles — Grey tabby she-cat with deep blue eyes and a white tipped tail. RP'D By: Leopard

Wren Soaring Through Sky — Dark brown tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes. RP'D By: Bramble

Bird that Flees from Storm- ginger-and-white she-cat with a narrow frame and dark blue eyes. RP'D by Blazey

Moon that Rises in Sky — handsome black grizzled tabby tom. RP'D By: whiskers

Ember of Wildfire — brindled tortoiseshell molly. RP'D By: whiskers

Sorrel Leaves Swaying In Breeze - Tortoiseshell and white she-cat with blue eyes. RP'D by: Bramble

Moth That Hides in Shade - Ticked dark brown she-cat, missing a leg. RP'D by: Blazey

Shade of Willow Tree - Dark gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes. RP'D by: Blue

Shining Moon of Darkest Night - beautiful silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes. RP'd by Toscaaaaa

Softpaws Edit

Reeds That Grow by River - brown she-cat with lighter brown tabby stripes and dark green eyes. RP'D by Stormver

Lizard that Lays in Sun — silver tabby tom. RP'D By: Ferk

Kit-Mothers Edit



Sky of a New Dawn (Sky) — dainty calico she-cat. RP'D By: Whiskers

Shadow that Walks with Sky (Shadow) — short ginger tabby tom. RP'D By: Whiskers


Fading Star Of Night Sky — Black tom with blue eyes, and a white-tipped tail. RP'D By: Bramble


Crow That Flutters Through Air (Crow) — Strong black tom with blue eyes, "killed" his brother, Eagle, for leadership. RP'D By: whiskers