This is the story about Silver Moon That Rises Slowly and her former mate, Weston, and includes their kits and how they met.


Stars. That was one of the first things Silver remembered as she opened her kitten-blue eyes for the first time...Stars...Beside her, a silver and white she-cat lay, her flanks rising and falling slowly...The very scent of this she-cat made Silver sleepy, her eyes drooping and her breaths slowing. But before she could close her eyes, Silver removed her gaze from the she-cat before her and returned them to the stars...They soothed her, slowly, very slowly, moving across the sky. Everything was so quiet, so peaceful...An urge to leave the den and go outside and try touching the beautiful lights tugged at Silver, but she remained still.

So beautiful, so...Relaxing....What are they? The kit wondered, pressing herself closer to the silver-and-white she-cat with a sweet and soothing scent. But the she-cat didn't stir, she continued to sleep. As she used her new feature, Silver could make out many cats, big and small, ruffled and sleek, black and white...She spotted a rather large tom, a kit like her, but a bit older. He had fluffy ginger fur, and was sleeping rather oddly, his rump in the air and his head on the floor, his forepaws underneath his fluffy chest. The very looks of this kit made Silver want to break out into laughter.

He's an odd one, whatever his name is... The silver and white she-kit thought, her body relaxing more and more as she felt the warmth of the big she-cat beside her. With a heavy sigh, Silver eventually found herself being drug into sleep...

Chapter 1Edit

Silver had later learned that the she-cat that had been beside her was her mother, but her father was nowhere in sight, as no-one had heard of him in a long time. He had apparently disappeared long before her birth, and was suspected to be dead. This upset Silver, of course, as she now only had one parent.

"Come along, my dear Silver," murmured Silver's mother smoothly, motioning to the slender she-kit with a flick of her skinny tail. Silver hobbled after her mother to the great outdoors, gazing up at the majestic, tall slender she-cat as she passed. Silver followed her mother to a sunny spot, where she lay down with her daughter between her paws, grooming the silver kit's soft pelt. Meanwhile, Silver gazed around, watching the Clan activity. She spotted four kits tussling about, a familiar ginger kit pinning most of them.

It's that kit who slept funny the first time I opened my eyes! Silver thought, watching him growl playfully and pummel yet another kit. She then remembered his name, which was Fire, and thought if suited him well. After her mother finished grooming her, Silver rose to her paws and made her way to the other kits.

"Can I play?" She asked, bubbling with excitement. Two of them narrowed their eyes to show they didn't want her around, the other named Sparks shrugged hesitantly, while Fire bounced and nodded.

"'Course you can!" Fire meowed, ruffling his flame-colored coat before swatting at another kit.

"She's only two moons old, I don't wanna play with a baby!" Sneered another, his tiny tail lashing.

"Yeah, and her father's a traitor!"

"My father was not a traitor!" Explored Silver with a loud and sharp hiss, her tiny tail lashing. The kits laughed while Fire simply twitched his whiskers, releasing the kit that he had pinned.

"Sure, whatever you say!" Jeered another, walking away with her friends and leaving Fire with Silver. The tom kit simply shrugged, slowly making his way back to his leaving friends.

"...Just get used to it, you're younger than us, and you'll always be treated that way." He called over his shoulder quietly before returning to the nursery, pouncing on one of his many friends. Silver shrunk back sadly. Would she ever get friends, or would they constantly tease her about her father? With a sad sigh, she made her way to her mother, who blinked at her with confused and worried eyes.

"What's wrong, dear?"

"The other kits are mean, they say daddy's a traitor."

"Great Tribe of Endless Hunting, he's not a traitor at all, he's one of the bravest and strongest soldier around!"

"...Tell that to them." Silver ended with a huff, slumping onto her haunches as she remained by her mother.Her mother didn't respond, she simply gazed off as she wrapped her tail around her offspring.

The next few moons weren't anything major. Silver was rarely able to play with other kits, though Fire did occasionally play with her, but only in secret. He loved being popular more than anything, even more than his own family. He and his friends were three moons older than Silver, so before she knew it, they were apprentices...But she was no longer alone, she had some new clanmates, they're names being Lava, Creekshine, and a few others. She didn't play with them often, but she did occasionally. But without her semi-friend, Silver felt fairly lonely.

"Silver! Silver my dear, come with me, we're going for a walk." Silver's mother murmured, approaching her in long, well-placed strides. Silver looked up at her mother, the other kits stopping their chatter with the silver ticked tabby.

"Alright momma," murmured Silver, rising to her paws and stretching before exiting the Nursery with her mother. To her surprise, they were leaving camp, and this made Silver all excited, her whiskers quivering as well as her delicate body. Her mother, on the other hand, didn't seem to be the same, in fact, she seemed rather down. "Are you okay momma?"

No response.

The mother and daughter continued along, Silver occasionally get distracted and pouncing on random things every here and there. They were walking in a rather pretty forest, green lush trees, singing birds, everything seemed happy but her mother. Eventually, they approached a massive boulder with a dying tree rooting around and over it. Silver's mother looked at her with painful pale eyes, her shoulders slumped and her body relaxed. Silver watched as her mother moved her gaze to a shorter patch of grass right in front of the tree-wrapped boulder. It was....A grave?

"Your father was a great tom, Silver, a brave and noble soldier, greatly respected among his Clanmates...No-one knew of his sacrifices...A group of rogues had been roaming around the border, and he was the only cat brave enough to face them...Four moons before I kitted you, he hadn't returned in the morning, so I quietly left camp to search for him...I found him bloodied by the border, near his death, with a few rogue bodies by him. He was clinging onto his life, just to see me...He wished to see you, my dear daughter." Whispered Silver's mother, closing her eyes to hold back her tears.

"H...He...-" Silver began, stopping herself to continue to listen to her mother's story.

"...That's right, my dear, he loved you, he loved me, he loved the whole darn tribe! He gave up his life for their safety, and now, they call him a traitor. I helped him to this place, where he had first asked me to be his mate for eternity...And then, he lay by my side, his last breaths coming and going here, Silver..." Her mother murmured quietly, sitting and pulling her daughter close, who whimpered softly.

"What did he look like?"

"He was tall, muscular, handsome...He was pure white, sweet pale green eyes, and the softest, shortest pelt ever." Murmured the queen, gazing down at her daughter fondly. Silver nodded slowly, closing her eyes and remaining by her mother's side to pay her respects to her father for about an hour.

When Silver returned, all of the other kits were curious, sniffing her, asking her where she went, and asking her if she was in trouble. Silver didn't respond to these questions, instead, she approached Fire and his gang in swift strides. Her mother had groomed her well, and she had the faintest scent of Juniper, and Fire seemed impressed with her, his eyes soft. She gazed at him triumphantly, her head held high.

"My father was a noble soldier, Fire and co., you were all wrong! You should all be ashamed of insulting my honorable father, and feel like traitors yourselves! If it wasn't for my father, those cats he removed could've killed your mothers, and you guys wouldn't be here." Silver growled sharply, two of the apprentices in the back laughing at her. Fire gazed down at the silver she-cat with narrowed eyes, making her nervously step away, fearing she may have angered him.

"Honorable Soldier...?" He then echoed, pausing as his eyes glowed with warmth and admiration. "...It seems you take after him...C'mon, you've been outta camp, why not again?" With that, he loped away, his reddish fur swaying as three other apprentices followed quickly. Silver smiled, purring to herself softly as she found herself blushing, but she took off after the tom. They raced from camp without being spotted, their paw steps quiet on the hard ground. The other three apprentices sped ahead, while Fire hung back with the kit.

"Why are you suddenly acting so...Nice?" Questioned Silver through a narrowed gaze. Fire flinched in surprise, turning a dull red and shuffling his paws nervously.

"W-Well...I didn't think you were a brave cat before, but then you showed us up so..." He turned and faced the silver ticked tabby, his gaze warm. "...So I decided you were a brave and good cat, worthy of being a true friend. Besides, we were friends before, right? Besides, you look...G-Great..." The tom finally admitted, quickly looking away. Silver smiled, a soft purr rumbling in her throat.

"...T-Thanks Fire...It's nice to finally have a friend..." Fire didn't have any other love interests, did he? She was the only she-cat he actually hung out with, and he rarely talked to any other she-cats. Fire smiled back at the small  cat, waving his tail in a friendly manner.

"Don't mention it," he murmured with a smile, giving her a friendly shove before flattening his ears against his skull. "You're it!" With that, he took off, leaving Silver growling and taking off.

Chapter 2Edit

Silver's mother wasn't happy with her leave, especially since she hadn't asked for permission. Silver happily explained to her mother about her play-date with her new friend, but her mother simply explained that leaving camp wasn't a good thing for her, since she was still a kit. Thus, she had to stay in the nursery all day.

"C'mon momma, I was being watched by apprentices!" Muttered Silver crossly, her tail tip twitching as she spoke.

"Yeah, apprentices." Her mother commented with a twitch of her whiskers, lying down and wrapping her tail around her body. "Very irresponsible apprentices." She finished with an amused purr, watching Fire and his gang run from the Elder's den at top speed, an angry elder hissing after them. Silver twitched her whiskers in amusement, having an urge to talk to Fire once more and play with him. He gazed at the Nursery with a frown before continuing along with the other apprentices, leaving Silver frowning. Did I say something? Maybe he's just afraid of my mother. Silver decided, sitting back on her haunches with a small, frustrated huff. Creekpool studied her daughter for a moment before letting out a sigh.

"Alright, alright, you may go play now, but I'm letting you off the hook just this once." She mumbled, watching Silver immediately leap to her paws and bolt away. She happily plowed over Fire, her eyes round.

"My momma let me out!" She squealed happily, batting his nose once with a single paw.

"Whoa. Um, ok." Fire meowed as Silver let him get up. She pranced around him in circles of a bit, making him purr softly before shoving her away playfully, his gaze soft. "You seem hyper. What do ya wanna do, Silver?" Fire asked, rising to his paws and stretching. Silver paused, thinking for a moment.

"Do you think we could leave camp again? I'll be an apprentice soon." She murmured, sitting down beside him with gleaming eyes. As she gazed deep into his dark golden-amber eyes, she felt herself melting and discovered something. I love him... Yes, she was just a kit, but she was about to be an apprentice, and she had feelings as well. Fire gave Silver a warm lick on the cheek.

"Yeah, of course! With me around, nobody will dare mess with you!" He growled, nudging her out of camp. Silver walked alongside Fire, her stride matching his. They eventually came across a cliff, overlooking the forest. They sat on the edge together, watching the burning sun set over the forest, making it alive with color.

"It's beautiful..." Silver breathed, her eyes round. She felt Fire's reddish fur touch her's, and she loved it. Fire was warm, gentle, his strong heart beating loudly in his chest. He rested his head on her's, breathing in her sweet scent and sighing softly.

"Just like you," he murmured, his eyes closing, a loud purr rumbling in Silver's throat. She wrapped her silver tail around the two of them, her body relaxing and his as well. Eventually, the burning red sun disappeared behind the horizon, leaving the two young cats pressed together. Fire later pulled his head away, gazing into Silver's warm gaze. "It's getting late...It's a bit long of a walk back, so..." Fire shuffled his paws slightly before gazing back up at Silver with a soft gaze. She pressed her head into his fluffy neck-fur, gently closing her eyes.

"Let's stay out here, just the two of us. We can make a nice nest of leaves." Silver decided, watching Fire nod his agreement and stretch out, gently brushing his tail under Silver's chin. Then, something odd twinkled in his eyes, but he looked away. He knew something was going to happen, he knew he shouldn't agree with Silver. "Are you alright?" Silver asked gently, stepping in front of the reddish tabby and gazing down at him with a worried gaze.

"...F-Fine. C'mon, let's build that nest. There's a ledge underneath the cliff, we can sleep down there and have a beautiful sunrise in the morning." Fire murmured, his pelt brushing Silver's as he stood closer to her. She nodded her agreement, and helped gather some leaves and make a pile on the cliff ledge. She then lay down, Fire making his way to her.

"I can't wait to see the Sunrise." She yawned as he wrapped his body around her frail silver body. "It'll be amazing..."

Sunrise. This was the first thing she saw this time on this new chapter of her life, a much more difficult and cruel chapter of life. Sunrise...

But something felt terribly wrong. Something had happened. She felt sick, weak, wounded. Silver groaned and grumbled, shifting in her nest to see Fire still beside her, a scratch behind one of his ears. He opened his eyes, her gaze meeting her's. They burned with guilt, as if he wanted to wail out "sorry". Weakly raising her head, Silver licked his cut.

"...What happened? Why do I feel terrible, why are you hurt?" She asked, watching tears flow in his golden gaze.

"I-I..." He began, squeezing his eyes shut and backing away, shaking his head. "I-It's all my fault, I did this, I'm so sorry Silver! You'll never forgive me, what have I done?! I'm a monster!" He cried out, his ears flattened against his broad head. Silver blinked in confusion, feeling a pang of hurt as Fire fled. What had he done? Had he betrayed her or their Tribe and lead an attack? Did an eagle swoop down and fight them in the middle of their sleep? Had she fallen off the cliff? Utterly confused, Silver groomed her pelt, removing dry leaves and dirt before making her way back to camp, still not feeling the best. Creekpool immediately rushed to her daughter, covering her in licks.

"O-Oh Silver, where have you been?! I was worried sick!" She cried, eyes full of pain as she spoke. "...Ugh, I have no time to sob over you, my dear...It's time for you to become an apprentice. You're ceremonies going to be a moon earlier, as we're in need of apprentices. After all, Fire just left."

"H-He left?!" Silver exclaimed, eyes wide. Perhaps he really did betray the Tribe? Creekpool nodded slowly, a frown visible on her face.

"Yes, he said that what he did was unforgivable. Do you know what happened?"

"No, I didn't see him at all." Silver responded, half of it being a lie. She heard her name being called, and before she knew it, she was an apprentice, her mentor being her very own mother. She was already feeling lonely without her good friend Fire, and missed him dearly. She still wondered why he ran away.

But moons later, she was starting to figure out why.

Chapter 3Edit

Silver squirmed from where she sat as her mother tried explaining to her the best way to catch a squirrel while in a tree.

"And then you- Silver! Stop squirming and pay attention!" Creekpool snapped with a roll of her eyes, her tail tip twitching in annoyance. Silver stopped squirming, gazing up at her mother with round eyes.

"S-Sorry! I just can't get comfortable, something feels weird...Moth called me fat yesterday too! Grrrr, I hate her!" Hissed Silver, flattening her ears in anger and embarrassment. Creekpool's gaze then softened for her daughter, and she gently pressed herself against her daughter.

"...It's alright, my dear daughter, don't listen to them. What do they know anyways?" Creekpool sighed, her voice softening for her daughter, who started squirming once more. It felt like she just ate something and it was crawling around in her belly! Growling, and shifted once more, causing her mother's whiskers to twitch. "Sweety, are you feeling ill?" She then asked, sniffing Silver curiously.

"I-I don't know... I've been reallllly hungry lately, and my stomach feels weird." Complained Silver, sitting back on her haunches. Creekpool frowned, gently brushing her tail against her daughter's cheek.

"Well, no wonder your stomach feels weird honey, you've been eating quite a bit." She murmured, amusement flashing in her pale eyes. Red nodded, shifting once more uncomfortably.

"Can we go back to camp? I'm getting hungry and tired..." Silver yawned. Creekpool nodded, motioning to her daughter with a flick of her tail to follow. Once back in camp, Silver settled down with a raven and ate it in a few swift mouthfuls. Other apprentices watched her in surprise, and it quickly became a game of who could eat the fastest.

"Silver Moon That Rises slowly? I'll be seeing you now." A voice rang out of the Healer's den. Silver flinched at the sudden call of her name, other apprentices still urging her to eat on. 

"Gotta go guys." She mumbled, rising to her delicate silver paws and racing to the Healer's den. She peered inside to see Dew Drops on Grass, the tom twitching his tail impatiently.

"Well, do you need me or not? Your mother contacted me awhile ago, saying you had some problems...Don't we all..." The gray tom grumbled with a hysterical yet irritated toss of his head. Silver twitched her tail tip in annoyance, already wanting to walk out of the Healer's den, but her stomach was twitching once a more.

"My stomach's weird, and I've been eating plenty. Am I sick or just eating too much...?" The apprentice questioned as the Healer approached her. Dew gently sniffed her before placing a paw on her belly. He then backed away with a disturbed and questioning look before smirking.

"Wellll Mrs. Silver, momma's not going to be very pleased. What have you been up to lately, eager to grow up, eh?" Dew snickered with a wicked look, making Silver utterly confused. What did he mean? He wasn't taking her seriously and her problem seriously, so it wasn't bad, right? The silver ticked tabby shuffled her paws with a confused look, making Dew roll his eyes and grumble. "C'mon, that was good, how can't you understand what I'm saying?! Fine, let me put it in terms for idiots like you: Your a mother now. Congrats, little fool." Snapped the Healer before turning away, ordering her out with a simple lash of his tail. Silver was stunned.

M-M-Mother?!?! She thought with disbelief, slowly inching outside with stiff legs. Her friends gaze her odd and confused glances, swiftly approaching her and asking her what happened. She ignored their questions of course, as her answer would be far too embarrassing. She'd have to tell someone eventually, after all, they'd figure out soon. She decided to confront the cat closest to her: her mother. She eventually found the silver ticked tabby sunning herself and talking with a friend. Silver stood in front of her mother, waving her skinny tail. "...Creekpool? Mother, may I speak with you in private?" Looking a little confused, her mother nodded and followed her daughter out of camp.

"What's wrong, sweetie?"

"I-I..." How could Silver put it? She was a foolish little ignorant apprentice and ended up getting pregnant? "..I-I'm so sorry mother..." The she-cat whispered as she closed her eyes, tears flowing slowly from her eyes. Creekpool gently raised her daughter's head with her tail tip.

"Sweet-heart, what's wrong?" She asked, her voice heavy with worry, yet it remained gentle and soft as silk. "It's alright, just tell me." She gently nuzzled her daughter's head, pressing her body close to her's.

"...I'm expecting kits..." Whimpered Silver, gazing up at her mother with a gaze full of pain. Creekpool gave her daughter a look of disbelief. "It's true, mother, I can feel them! I'm so foolish momma, I'm so sorry!"

"It's alright sweetie, c-calm down now..." Silver could tell that her mother was just as shocked, maybe even angry. "Let's just get back to camp, maybe Dew was wrong..."

Chapter 4Edit

Silver stood before her mother now well-groomed body, her shoulders slumped. Dew, to her surprise, gently lay his tail over Silver's shoulders. "...I'm sorry for your loss, young Silver." Silver simple kept her head bowed, her eyes closing as she let out a soft, upset sigh. Dew eventually walked away, and only a handful of cats sat vigil for Creekpool. One of Fire's old friends, Ash, was one of them. He was acting odd, occasionally glancing up at her guiltily.

In the morning, Silver decided to demand why he was giving her such odd looks. She marched over to him proudly, her swollen stomach swinging as he walked. Her secret was quickly getting out. He flinched, surprised to see her, and to see her so demanding. "Why do you keep looking at me like you did something bad?! You're Fire's friend, where is he?!" She snapped in a warning hiss, her tail tip twitching. Ash flinched, his dark gray fur rising and his yellow eyes widening.

"I-I, he's...J-Just follow me outta camp." The small tom grunted, quickly loping away from her nervously, his ears flattening slightly. Grumbling, Silver followed the tom, already growing exhausted. Eventually, he stopped, quite a distance from camp.

"Alright, spit it out..." Mumbled Silver through pants, her tail and head low, but her eyes glowing with determination.

"Fire, he's- well, he's not Fire anymore, he's Weston...You know that you're expecting, so I'm pretty sure you know those are his kits. He's living as a loner- where, I can't tell you." Ash informed, flinching fearfully as the silver ticked tabby snarled angrily.

"He does this and then leaves?! What a loser, a low-life, has he no shame?!" Spat Silver as she paced about, her tail lashing and her fur bristling. Ash simply shrunk back, as if trying to blend in with the dusty ground. "I'll find that fox-heart and skin him, ooooh he'll regret his mistakes!" Silver continued to storm on, rage bubbling inside her frail body.

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