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"Hiddenshade? Is that you? Man, you've grown 'lil bro!"
— Shadow to Hiddenshade in FlameClan/Roleplay
Current Clan FlameClan
Past Clan(s) Rogue, SwampClan
Age 86 Moons
Status Living
Debut Hidden Enemies
Death Unknown
Names Kit: Shadowkit
Apprentice: Shadowpaw
Warrior: Shadowwhisper
Rogue: Shadow
Mother Skylark
Father Darkfang
Littermates Litter-mate:
Younger Brother:
Mate Meadowsong
Kit(s) Ace
Mentor(s) Amberleaf
Apprentice(s) None
Fanfiction Appearances
Living Hidden Enemies
Deceased None
Sexuality None
Best Friend Hiddenshade
Crush Sweetcloud (Formerly)
Worst Enemy Amber
Roleplayer Whiskers
Shadowwhisper is a handsome, well-muscled, tall dark blue-gray tom with mint green eyes. He is a former warrior of SwampClan, a former Clan that disbanded due to Starvation, and is currently a Rogue. He is the son of Skylark and Darkfang, two deceased warriors who currently reside in the Dark Forest. His brother is Hiddenshade and Duskwhisper of FlameClan, whom he loves dearly and loves to torment. Shadow's known for being a down-to-earth cat who loves to laugh, and tends to prank just about anyone. He has a big heart, but is loyal and will fight to live, and keep his friends and loved ones safe. After a long life, he took up the well-known Meadowsong as his mate, and together, they had a single kit: Ace.



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Shadow is featured in Hidden Enemies, along with his brother.

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Shadow is seen waiting to see his brother by the border, while Jaga hits on Venomgaze nearby. Shadow wonders in disgust if they're a couple, and returns to his watch, disappointed as a rabbit makes noise, as Shadow believed it was his brother. Venomgaze tries asking what he's doing, but Shadow is simply frustrated.  Jaga stares at him, and creeps Shadow out, so he attempts to leave at a quick lace.  Jaga follows at the same place, and Shadow threatens him, ordering him to leave.  He asks his name, and Shadow replies with his apprentice name, taking off once more. He eventually goes to sleep.

Shadow later visits his brother Hiddenshade, who is on a patrol with Blueflight and Flamestar. Venomgaze and Jaga try to interrupt their conversation, and make fun of Clancats, but Shadow eventually drives them off and continues to talk with his brother.

After a pleasent conversation with his brother, Shadow returns, still angry with Venomgaze and Jaga. He finds Lola, a cat he met awhile before, and teases her with a nice comment, though he doesn't have any feelings for her. Lola awakes and hisses at him, calling him a idiot and orders him to leave, so Shadow returns to his den chuckling. He notices his moss is gone, so he simply sleeps on the cold and hard stone ground. Venomgaze and Jaga are eager to see him back, but he is not happy to see them again. The two toms attempt to cuddle with him, causing Shadow to grow very angry and disgusted, ordering them out of his den and threatening to kill them, lashing out at Jaga and landing a blow on his shoulder. Confused and afraid, the two toms leave, while Shadow orders them to stay out, as they had harmed his friends and were now entering his den without his permission like it was their own home.

Venomgaze calls Shadow rude, while Lola laughs at them because it was their fault, trying to sleep with him after attacking his family and friends. Lola demands if they have a deathwish, but Jaga says he doesn't, he just thinks Shadow's cute. Venomgaze says he's his best friend, but Lola says they obviously aren't, and rogues have no friends, just allies, and Shadow clearly isn't his. Jaga grows curious about Shadow and starts asking questions, but Lola snaps that she doesn't know much about him since she doesn't stalk him. A fight breaks out outside, but Shadow ignores them.

A flaming tree ends up collapsing on Venomgaze, so Jaga screams for Shadow, but the tom continues to sleep and doesn't help at all, since they're not his friends, but he does get help from Lola and Jaga and gets healed by a Medicine Cat. 

The next day, Shadow wakes up confused with all the activity, but ends up going hunting. He ends up scenting Stormwillow, a newcomer, and hears that she's already leaving, so leaves her a crow as a departing gift, like he usually does to leaving cats. After she leaves with his gift, he goes hunting more, growing hungry.

Jaga randomly introduces himself to Shadow again, so Shadow calls him a mouse-brain and orders to creepy tom to buzz off. Coming Soon



Meadowsong - Living


Ace - Living Mother:

Skylark - Deceased, verified Dark Forest member


Darkfang - Deceased, verified Dark Forest member


Hiddenshade - Living

Duskwhisper - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Covesplash - Living

Sunflower - Living

Maplepaw - Living


Foxflame - Living

Wasppaw - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Cypresspaw - Living


Nocturnalkit - Living



Darkfang & SkylarkEdit

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Love InterestsEdit

Sweetcloud (Formerly)Edit

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Despite their past not-so-nice interactions, Shadow has come to a point where he considers Lola a friend. He visits her often and has saved her quite a few times from death, but she hasn't done anything yet to return the favor. Their relationship is a simple friendship and nothing more, as he does get sick of her every once-in-awhile. Coming Soon


Skylark & DarkfangEdit

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  • He's Mr. Sexypants.


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