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Current Clan Kittypet
Past Clan(s) Rogue
Age 60 moons
Status Kittypet
Debut Loners & Rogues/Roleplay
Death Living
Names Martin

Hemi (Twoleg's name for him)

Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Littermates Unknown
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) None
Apprentice(s) None
Fanfiction Appearances
Deceased None
Sexuality None
Best Friend None
Crush None
Worst Enemy None
Roleplayer Up for Adoption

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Huge, fluffy black tom with huge paws, all except one of his paws have one extra digit. His right back paw has two extra digits. Has been declawed by the vet.

Character Edit

Is very those he knows. Is quite keen on she-cats although he has been altered by the vet. Loves to play with other cats, but doesn't know how not to be rough. Very strong and chubby.

Skills Edit

Is extremely strong and can pound another cat to the ground with his paws.

Life Edit

History Edit

Martin used to be a rogue, but was captured by twolegs and taken to a shelter where he was altered and given away to a twoleg family. His twolegs call him Hemi.

Roleplay Edit

Loners/Rogues Roleplay

Kittypets Roleplay

Quotes Edit

"Fine! I don't need any of you!" - Martin to Lola as a Rogue.

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