This is JUST an Allegiance of a PAST Clan that is now gone due to Starvation...There is no joining. This is the Allegiance for Hidden Enemies.

Clan InfoEdit

SwampClan was a Clan that lived in a murky swamp with nearby hill they called Moon Hill (where the story begins with Skylark and Darkfang), and rarely see Sun/Moon light...Only on this hill can they bathe in the light. SwampClan cats generally have darker colored pelts, and white cats are tormented or tortured, like Snowflake. They may not take on a mate and may never retire, and are not allowed to be a Leader, deputy, or medicine cat.



Phoenixstar - Massive russet tom with darker flecks with emerald green eyes.


Amberleaf - Dark brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

Medicine CatEdit

Sagenose - Mottled gray tom with blue eyes.

Medicine Cat ApprenticeEdit



Darkfang - Handsome black tom with green eyes.

Mousefang - Dark gray tabby tom with yellow eyes.

Snowflake - White she-cat with one green eye and a heavily scarred pelt.

Loudsnarl - Gray tom with amber eyes.

Littletail - Under-sized black she-cat with green eyes.

Willowflame- Dark ginger tabby she-cat with a white chest and green eyes.

Snakefang - Gray tabby tom with yellow eyes.

Blackheart - Black tom with blue eyes.

Shadewhisper - Black tom with amber eyes.


Sisalpaw - Brown tabby tom with pale yellow eyes.

Yewpaw - Dark brown tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Quillpaw - Spikey-furred dark gray tom with amber eyes.


Skylark - Huge black smoke tabby she-cat with amber eyes, mother to Darkfang's kits:

  • Hiddenkit - Handsome black smoke tabby tom with green eyes.
  • Shadowkit - Tall dark blue-gray tom with mint-green eyes.

Jasminepetal - Light gray she-cat with darker flecks and yellow eyes, mother to Loudsnarl's kits:

  • Mintkit - Pale gray she-cat with dark green eyes.
  • Flutterkit - Gray she-kit with darker flecks and amber eyes.
  • Sweetkit - Dark gray she-cat with lighter dapples and green eyes.

Vultureface - Dark tortie she-cat with yellow eyes and ragged fur, expecting Mumblefoot's kits.


Mumblefoot - Brown tabby tom with a missing foot.

Farleaf - Siamese she-cat with blind blue eyes.

Annabelle - Plump dark brown tabby she-cat with a graying muzzle, formerly a kittypet.

Loners & RoguesEdit

Arc - Pale tabby tom with blue eyes.

Missie - Plump silver tabby she-cat, expecting Arc's kits.

Talon - Black smoke tom with amber eyes and a nicked ear.


Erick - Black tom with green eyes and a pink collar.

Simon - Black tom with green eyes and a pink collar, twin of Erick.

Snowball - Fluffy white she-cat with green eyes, missing an ear and well-scarred, formerly of SwampClan.