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Flamestar is a large, fluffy-furred, pointed-earred, orange she-cat with a white chest, muzzle, and paws.

Current Clan StarClan
Past Clan(s) FlameClan
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Debut StarClan/Roleplay, FlameClan/Roleplay
Death Wounds/DarkClan
Names Kit:Flamekit
Apprentice: Flamepaw
Warrior: Unknown
Leader: Flamestar
Mother Jewlstripe
Father Icepool
Littermates None
Mate Willowclaw
Kit(s) Patches
Mentor(s) Unknown
Apprentice(s) Unknown
Fanfiction Appearances
Living None/Unknown
Deceased None
Sexuality None
Best Friend None
Crush None
Worst Enemy None
Roleplayer Flame


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Flamestar always believed that hardwork and conflict is what gives you sucess, and liked to work her way up to her postions in FlameClan when she was alive. She almost never complains, and deals with things quite intellegently without struggle or any type of conflict. She stands firmly in her belief, and rarely ever changes her opinion on someone or something unless evidence of something has been brought and concluded. Being a strong and loyal leader to FlameClan, she is quite clever, and will often think out problems before actively engaging in them. 
Flamestar is a rather quiet cat, and likes to keep her thoughts and opinions to herself for the sake of her Clan. She doesn't brag or boast about anything, feeling that it is inadequate and dishonerable. Flamestar usually has confidence in herself, but sometimes doubts her sucess and good-doings to her Clan because of her past. In battle, Flamestar believes that fighting isn't a good way of solving problems, and always speaks before attacking the enemy. She doesn't like it when others betray her, but will usually offer a second chance and have them prove loyality before going any further with anything within the Clan.
Flamestar is very calm and collected, and remains as such when under pressure or in any type of conflict. Flamestar often finds herself alone, which some what concerns her. Even though she sometimes worries about herself, she worries about her Clanmates more, and always puts them first no matter what. Overall, Flamestar is very loyal and fun to talk to, and is open to help others with any problems or concerns.


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"Willowclaw.. I knew you were a DarkClan cat.. and I knew of your true self.. yet I loved you anyway. I saw the good in you, and made you a better cat like I belived you always wanted to be. Of course, you were always a ruthless killer.. but you were sweet enough to keep off of FlameClan."
Flamestar thoughts
Flamestar didn't like Willowclaw at first, and found him irritating, annyoing, and down right a nuisance. Although of her first feelings for him, WillowClaw and Flamestar devoloped a fast friendship when talking a few times and figuring out they had alot in common. Flamestar knew that Willowclaw was a ruthless killer, but knew deep down that's not who he really was and did her best to make him a better cat. She loved him to the moon and back, and did whatever neccessary to keep her mate and kits safe. Although she knew it was wrong, she knew that love had no boundries, and it could never be broken.


"My dear son... I'm so sorry I couldn't be there for you. If I could go back, I would.. Every day I felt a burning pain bubble inside me, because you weren't there. And it was all because I wanted to keep you safe."
Flamestar loves her son with all of her heart, and often hates herself because she lied to FlameClan and everyone else. She wishes she could've been there for him, and when she died, she regretted not once ever seeing him. Flamestar blames herself for all the hate that she got from a few cats in her Clan, and believes that maybe she did inherate traits from her father's old Kittypet life, especially since she broke one of the most important rules of the Warrior code. She always finds guilt within herself for doing what she did, and believes that she should've went to the Dark Forest instead of StarClan for her deeds. thoughts



"Hiddenshade was a very loyal warrior, and always did as he was told. Just like Birchstar, he always followed orders willingly, and didn't have a problem with who anyone was and always put faith in themselves. No matter what was said about this brave cat, in my eyes, he's the one of the best leaders FlameClan ever had."
Flamestar thoughts
Flamestar admires the deputy's sucess, determination, loyality, and bravery to FlameClan, and always loved how protective he is over his family in friends. She never really had a strong relationship with him, but wishes that she got to talk to him more instead of hiding herself and her guilt for lying to herself and FlameClan about Willowclaw. Out of all of the cats in FlameClan, Hiddenstar was probably one of the only cats she ever trusted besides Birchstar, and always went right along with how he acted, and never doubted him for a second.


"Birchstar.. You are an amazing cat, and I never doubted anything you decided. I always knew that you were a great cat deep down inside, and I'm glad I made you my deputy. I never regretted any of my decisions, because I knew you'd always be by my side. I looked at you down there from StarClan, and always knew you would lead FlameClan well. Overall, Birchstar, you were the closest friend I ever had. You never laughed, taunted me, or anything. You were a friend, and always there for me."
Flamestar thoughts
Flamestar always loved Birchstar as a friend, and considered him a great and wonderful cat. She knew he would make a great leader one day, and never doubted her decisions to have him proceed her. She felt awkward around him when she was younger, considering that Birchstar always had a soft spot for her. She knew that Birchstar would do anything for her, and she knows that she'd do the same for him. The two cats have a very strong bond that could never be broken, especially since they have been friends and were always there for eachother since they were kits. At times, she does believe Birchstar did have quite a few flaws, but knew that maybe it was a little to much for him, and sometimes, the stress got to him and he did a few minor things wrong. 


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