Project Charart

Our project goal is to provide images for all of our roleplayed characters.

How does this project work?

This project, for starters, is a fun activity for everyone who loves to participate in creating art and helping others. The project has a numerous good amount of members as well, which can be found below.

Member positions and abilities? 

The member positions and abilities are pretty simple. The Leader, Deputy, Medicine Cat, and the Senior Warriors are only allowed to tweak chararts, accept them, and most of all, add them to this page. However, you may add your chararts to this page once they've been accepted if you get approval from an admin.

Is there an approval process? 

Fortunately, no. We have decided to keep it well balanced without having a charart approval operation, so that everyone may upload there colored chararts without having to go back and tweak/change them all the time. Though, chararts must look somewhat like that cat's life image (if it has one), and it must follow the character's description as well. It must also have a transeparent backround, which if you don't know how to do so, you could ask someone to do it for you. 

Status: Active

(Leave a message on the Talkpage if you would like to participate in the project).

If you have any questions on this current project, please let us know on the page's talk page. 


Leader: Kas

Deputy: Whiskers

Medicine Cat: Ferk

Senior Warriors: TBA

Warriors: DarkDiablo

Apprentices: Leo, Ash

Kits: Mink


Silverwhisker - Warrior/Soldier Blanks, Queen Blanks, Apprentice Blanks, Spikes Blanks, Kit Blanks, Medicine Cat Blanks, StarClan Blanks, Medicine Cat Apprentice Blanks, DarkClan Blanks, Leader Blanks, Kittypet Blanks, Elder Blanks.

Ferk - Deputy Blanks, Loner Blanks

Dark - All Tribe blanks, DarkClan Trainees.

Diablo - Rogue Blanks, Dark Forest Blanks

Needed Blanks: 

  • Longhaired and shortharied StarClan kit, male and female - Ferk

  • Longhaired DarkClan leader, male and female - Whiskers

  • Longhaired spikes, male and female - Whiskers

  • Longhaired medicine cat, male and female - Whiskers

  • Longhaired kittypet, male and female - Whiskers

  • Longhaired Tribe leader, male and female

  • Longhaired soldier, male and female

  • Longhaired Tribe deputy, male and female

These blanks are for FlameClan Roleplaying Wiki only. Please do not use them on any other site.

Important Documentation Note:

Some of the blanks are used from other wikia's and have already been asked by users here to use. 


Shading Placements

This is a basic outline of where shading should go with these specific light sources. If you have another idea for shading placement, feel free to use it, but be sure it makes sense regarding how you want the light to fall.