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Please leave a message on the page's talk page if you wish to become a member. The talk page will also be used to nominate articles.

Leader: Flame

Deputy: Blazey

Medicine Cat: Whiskers

Senior Warriors:  Ferk

Warriors: TBA

Apprentices: Diablo, Mink

Kits: TBA

Grade Evaluations

Criteria for Silver Grade

In order to obtain this grade, your page is completed with all the required information. 

1. The page must be complete

  • By complete, we mean that there must be no 'coming soons!' or 'tbas' on the page.

There should be no missing information or incomplete sections with information gaps.

2. The page should have the required headings. 

  • The headings are listed here. You must have these headings but they do not have to be in the exact format of the following: a section that describes physical appearance, personality, and the skills of the character; a section for the cat's history, containing the history of their life and 'all' appearances in the rolepay; a section for the family tree/pedigree of the character; and lastly, a section for the one or more images of the cat. 

3. The roleplay section must be up-to-date. 

  • It must contain most, to all, mentions and apperances of the character. 
  • The roleplay section must be completely up to date. There should be no missing appearances of the character in this section. 

4. All information must be accurate  and up-to-date

  • By this we mean that the information on the page (such as family members) must be accurate and correct. If we find that Cat A is the character's mother in one section then becomes the character's step-mother in another... it means your information is not accurate and needs to be revised.
  • By up-to-date, we mean that kits who are apprentice have their apprentice names, names are updated, leader names have been changed, etc. For example, a cat who has just become leader must have their name changed from prefix-suffix to prefix-star. 

If the article meets ALL of the following, it is elligeble for a Silver Nomination and possibly award.

NOTE: A page does not have to necessarily be long in length to recieve this grade! Concise and required information is preferred over long and repetitive passages. 

Criteria for Gold Grade


In order to obtain this grade, you must have a Silver Grade and exemplary presentation of the article. 

1. The page has one or more optional sections. 

  • By this, we mean the page has been expanded and added to by optional means. There may be extra sections- such as Trivia, Quotes, Relationships- that enhance the understanding and description of the character.

2. Correct conventions are used throughout.

  • The grammar should be correct throughout the article. There should be hardly any to no grammatical mistakes. 
  • Spelling errors should not be present. 
  • Capitalization errors should be fixed. For example, flameclan should be corrected FlameClan, and the Tribe of falling stars should be corrected accordingly. 

3. Information is concise and informative. 

  • We do not want an article long in length that discusses one characteristic of the cat for an entire paragraph! Gold grades mean that your article is exemplary. This does not mean long. Summarize when possible and try not to repeat and expand upon an idea for too long. 
  • Informative information... things we want/need to know. We do not need to know the history of your cat's mate. We do not need to know more about your cat's friend than your cat.

4. The cat is active and roleplayed often.

  • The cat should be roleplayed and used by the roleplayer often. 

5. The article is organized and easy to follow.

  • Please keep everything as smooth as possible. Readers are confused when you talk about your cat's history one paragraph, and their dislikes the next! 
  • Information is organized by section. You will not find a paragraph about their Clan in the middle of their description. You will not find sentences about their personality in the physical appearance section. Saying something like: 'the scars were caused by her getting into trouble because of her hot temper' are fine. 

It is very clear that all the criteria are met and the user cares very much about the article, thus deserving the above grade. 

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