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Welcome to FlameClan Roleplaying Wiki! This wikia holds a variety of many Roleplay places, and you can make as many characters as you would like! We have several active users working to make the wikia a better place, and we're always welcoming new roleplayers! Before getting started, please read are Rules. If you have a question, contact a Staff member. To join the Clan, go to the Joining page! If you would like to know more about FlameClan, check out their History! If you would like to see our current members, check out the Members page!

Not interested in FlameClan? No problem! We have you covered! You can join one of our Tribes, the Tribe of Erupting Volcanoes, or the Tribe Of Falling Stars! Instead, you could join DarkClan, the most vicious and bloodthristy Clan! Or, you could check out are Loners & Rogues! You could also check out our newest Clan, ScorchClan! Hope you enjoy your time here, we look forward to your company! We have about 10-20 active users roleplaying with us, but we are always open for more! Enjoy your time here – we look forward to roleplaying with you!

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1,174 articles since December 28, 2014

Currently having 3 active users.

We have 58,866 edits as of today!

Want to create a page for your character? Go right ahead! Just be sure to use our Page Format when doing so!

Please join on a talkpage before making a cat.



Current Roleplay Season


For more information on our seasons, look here.

Current Prophecy

"The end to this land is coming, you and your two other clanmates, along with three from the other clans, shall follow the blue star at every night and dawn to the new land, the safe haven. Once you reach this home, you will look into the water and see the star shining directly above. Settle there or else..." -- Phoenixstar of StarClan to Stormstar and other Clan cats.

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